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The Evolution of the Stroller

The Evolution of the StrollerThey're on almost every baby registry and a must-have for new parents, but strollers haven't always been a safe or even practical way to tow your sweetie. Read on to see just how much strollers have evolved, from the first horse-drawn baby carriage to the most expensive luxury travel system on the market to-date.1700s: Horse-Drawn Baby Carriages 1700s: Horse-Drawn Baby CarriagesIn 1733, William Kent, a landscape architect, invented the first stroller so the third Duke of Devonshire could transport his little ones (and, more importantly, amuse them!). Designed in a shell-shape, this carriage had a harness intended to be pulled by a goat, dog, or miniature horse, with spring suspension to ensure a comfy ride for...

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The New Parent's Guide to Running with A Jog Stroller.

The New Parent’s Guide To Running With A Jog Stroller By Duncan Larkin, Published May. 16, 2014, Updated May. 16, 2014 at 4:03 PM UTC Running with a jogging stroller offers fitness benefits, but be careful not to overdo it. Photo: The right technique and workouts can be good for your fitness. If you are the proud recipient of a newborn bundle of joy and believe that your running will be compromised, don’t despair; there’s a jogging stroller out there with your name on it, and plenty of workouts and techniques that you can learn to keep you in decent running shape. At first glance, the number of jogging strollers can be intimidating to a first-time parent. Before rushing out and...

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30 Little Ways to Bond with Baby

30 Little Ways to Bond With Baby Take a page from our healthy-from-the-start handbook: There are loads of easy ways to feel close to the new love of your life, from feeding time to kangaroo care to simple smiles and lots of eye contact. By Jacqueline Fulton Lauria Facebook Pinterest Twitter Email Shutterstock 1. Breastfeed if you can. It's not just about nutrition—when your little one snuggles up against you to nurse, he hears your heartbeat, smells your scent, is reassured by skin-to-skin contact...the list goes on!   2. Look into baby's eyes during bottle time. You want to get credit for all those feedings, right?! Keeping eye contact will help your baby remember who you are and what you mean to her. 3. Give...

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Explore the outdoors with your baby

Rhonda Ursulak May 27, 2013 -- Being outside with infants and toddlers is always a joy. It seems they have an innate knowledge of what to do out there. It takes only a few minutes watching them in the outdoors to see that. Sitting in a park, under a big maple tree, I watch families with their young children. Many will lay out a blanket and set the child down as they pull out toys and a open a picnic basket. But as I look around the park I notice one family doing something a little different. There is no blanket, no bag of toys, only a knapsack on the parent’s back. The child looks around 12 months old, new...

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POST BY -  85  Shannon Albert Babies and Toddlers 163 (Article last updated: April 19, 2017) With an average of about 50 miles of walking during a 1 week Disney World trip, it makes sense to consider strollers for many kids, even some who have outgrown using them at home. Below, you'll find a Disney World stroller comparison so you can find the option that's best for you. Let's get started...In this article Bring your own stroller Buy a stroller in Orlando Disney World stroller rental companies Disney World strollers Magic Strollers - WDW Prep recommended Orlando Stroller Rentals Kingdom Strollers Apple Stroller Baby Wheels Orlando A Baby's Best Friend  Simple Stroller Rental Get the stroller comparison data Stroller recommendations Make your stroller easy...

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