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Can the illuminated antenna be easily stolen?

The illuminated antenna attaches to your stroller/ scooter/wheelchair using a velcro strap. Unfortunately, just like with anything, if someone is intent on taking it, they will. We have been fortunate for all the time we have spent in the parks that we have never had anything taken from our stroller and we’ve left diaper bags (no wallet), jackets, treats, drinks, souvenir cups, etc. And while testing our products we have left our antenna and toppers which have always remained where we left them. In the event that your antenna or a topper that was purchased directly from us is stolen, please contact us by filling our this REPLACEMENT FORM.  We will provide a one-time replacement of the items which were stolen. This is solely based on the honesty policy, we feel that as a company we need to be honest with our customers and provide the very best product and service we can provide, so please consider this when submitting the replacement form.  (Note: This policy is subject to change at any time. Also, if a particular topper has become unavailable either temporarily or permanently, we will contact you with alternative replacement toppers to choose from. Sorry but we cannot replace toppers which were not purchased through our website.) 

What happens if lots of people at the park have an illuminated antenna? How am I supposed to find my stroller then?

Our illuminated antenna comes in 8 different colors so odds are that not everyone will be sporting the same color that same day in that same area in which you parked your stroller/scooter/wheelchair. Even if they were, you can personalize with whatever topper you choose and even decorate them differently (make it look like a fairy wand, make a pennant out of felt with your family’s name on it and thread the antenna through the flag, decorate our illuminated topper with Sharpie Markers, etc).  Get creative- the possibilities are endless! 

I am having issues with my antenna staying upright. How do I fix that?

If your antenna does not seem to be staying upright, odds are the velcro strap needs to be tightened. We made some modifications to our original design (the adding of the D-ring) which helps pull the velcro tight against the handle and has made it infinitely easier to ensure the antenna is tight enough. In the event it’s slipping a bit, pull tighter on the velcro before attaching the ends. If that still doesn’t work, the particular topper you are using may be too heavy or weighted unevenly, causing the slippage. Email us and we can help you troubleshoot the issue. 

Is the antenna fragile? Will it break easily?

The antenna is far stronger than it may look. While it seems quite flexible, it actually takes a great deal of force to snap it in two while holding it in your hands. It won’t break from simple usage. If you are concerned about traveling with it in your luggage, you may wrap the antenna portion in bubble wrap or clothing or to take up less room, slide the antenna portion only into a cardboard photo mailer for stability. None of these things however is necessary; they are only to give you more peace of mind. For our illuminated antenna topper, it is best to transport in the small box in which we mail them as they are soft and can dent if tossed in a bag. Please be sure not to leave your antenna (or illuminated topper) in your stroller basket when collapsing stroller as this may damage both items.

Why do you not have a collapsible version?

While we love the idea of a collapsible version, because all of our antennas are made at home by hand using acrylic rods and an illuminated base, there would be no way for light to travel through each of the sections should they have hinges to fold down. Our illuminated antennae are durable and easily slipped into diaper bags, backpacks, stroller basket, etc., when not in use.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Currently we are able to ship to Canada and the United Kingdom. Please CONTACT us if interested in another country.  We are hoping to add more countries in the near future!